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Kaydessa's Lil’ Homestead is a small family owned business located in eastern Oklahoma. We are pleased to say that over the last seven years we have been able to provide many fiber enthusiasts of all skill levels, from novice through advanced with an affordable alternative.

I first became interested in fiber arts about twenty years ago when a spinning friend came over while I was brushing out my dog.
She saw the fluffy under coat and said "That would make the softest yarn you could ever imagine!"
So after a few quick lessons on a drop spindle, I was hooked and soon after bought my first spinning wheel: the odyssey had began.
After spinning enough dog fur to make slippers and mittens for the kids, I bought a few shetland sheep and the flock grew slowly to include corriedale sheep, angora goats, and a llama. In 2006, we moved and I was no longer able to borrow my friend's wool picker. I found myself needing one of my own-but I wanted something different, something safer and smaller, something easier to transport. I told my family what I had in mind and we all sat down together and started "what-iffing", and that lead to the development of our first box-style wool picker, and with a few improvements the Lil’ Dynamo was born!

Our intent is to make an efficient, affordable and safe wool picker that everyone will feel comfortable using.

One of the big differences between our wool picker and the swing type
wool pickers is that the Lil’ Dynamo is much safer and convenient to use and transport. It also does not have the look of a medieval torture device.

These Lil’ Dynamo wool pickers are each made one at a time right here in the U.S.A. by our family with pride and dedication to quality and to our customers.
Each wool picker is tested thoroughly before shipping.

Don't be fooled by imitations! There's only one Lil Dynamo.

Others try to improve on the Lil’ Dynamo, but one might say… we’ve nailed it.

For more information please
Contact us at:
Phone: 479-310-5858
E-mail: kaydessa@hotmail.com